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WHY? The History Behind the Images
But What's the Answer? Is It All Lies? Truth?
The Lonely Australian Dream - A Sample Speech
Australian Image - What's All That About?

How have Films Made the Australian Image?


The Bush Makes us Happy and Relaxed

The relaxed attitude towards life was explored in Hogans film Crocodile Dundee, especially when Dundee went to the centre of frenetic pace, New York City. When he gets there, his innocence breaks down the pretentions that exist.  This "breaking" of New York is summed up by the video cover, which has Dundee bending the buildings of New York as if they were grasses in his native Northern Territory. 

The relaxed vision of life is a frequent visitor to Australian films like Travelling North, Siam Sunset and Sunday Too Far Away. What unifies these picture is a sense that the Australian "bush" makes them worthwhile and happy human beings, as opposed to the mean and uncaring cities.

Paul Hogan Bends the US Cinemas to his will.


The last film also dealt with another important feature of the created "national" identity rebellion against hierarchies. This can be directly traced back to the Irish settlers, who were rebellious. This has been emphasised heavily in films like The Castle and Strictly Ballroom because it makes for a good film. This rebellion is also in Australias love for the Ned Kelly legend, and the unofficial National Anthem.

Sir Sidney Nolan's Ned Kelly

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