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WHY? The History Behind the Images
But What's the Answer? Is It All Lies? Truth?
The Lonely Australian Dream - A Sample Speech
Australian Image - What's All That About?
But What's the Answer? Is It All Lies? Truth?

No need for answers in Text Analysis

Is it All True?

As with any representation of a "national" spirit, the Australian image is based on small nuggets of truth.

    • Yes, we have rebellion against authority, but we are a politically a conservative country.
    • Yes, we have unique animals.
    • Yes, we have a relaxed culture, but we dont take siestas in the middle of the day and we do wear Northern European styled suits in summer.
    • Yes, we have the bush, but the main sections of it that we visit are places that have city facilities such as air conditioning and hotels.

In the end though, what is Truth? In representation, there is no truth, just several representations from different perspectives, some more accurate than others. However, the ones that aren't very accurate often make more money for a composer than those that are (eg, Crocodile Dundee, Kangaroo Jack).  So, it's your turn to decide what you think is an apt and accurate Australian Image.

Towards a more Complex Australian Image
The image spoken of here is a simplistic and old Australian perception.  The "image" is changing, thanks to new films, music and other texts that seek to add Aborigines and migrants from Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia to the image.  But, that, folks, is for another What's All That About?

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