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Colonisation and Contact Assessment
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Colonisation and Contact Assessment Term 4
Various European nations sent ships to other parts of the world.  There, they found land occupied by small native populations.  Europeans took this land via a process called "colonisation." 
Your assignment is to find information about one such "colonisation" procedure, and complete activities relating to the colonisation.
Please complete the following elements: 

You may choose one colonised country from this group: 

-         North America

-         South America

-         China

-         Pacific Island Region


You must complete the following tasks:


  1. A timeline that shows the main events prior to and after colonisation of your chosen country.
  2. A poster outlining the cultural features of the indigenous people who lived in your chosen country prior to colonisation.
  3. You are to write a letter by a European coloniser, travelling through a new country.  In the letter, you must:
    1. Outline the reasons for colonisation
    2. Write about the reactions by the indigenous people to the colonisation
    3. The changes that were happening to the colonized people.
    4. Write a paragraph evaluating the legacy that colonisation has left on the society you are researching.

A Set of Links to Colonisation History Sites

For information on all the Americas, click on this link.

For timelines and explanations of the Spanish colonization of South America, click on this link, or this one.

North America


            United States of America



South America




Pacific Island Region


            New Zealand


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