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Breakdown of the NSW Board of Studies Definition
Examples of Critical Analysis
Cloudstreet and Three "Readings"
Critical Analysis of On Giant's Shoulders
How to Apply Critical Literacy in Study Techniques
Conclusion - What Does This Mean for Teachers and Students?
Critical Literacy
Examples of Critical Analysis

Here are two examples of Critical Literacy, as it can be applied to two widely available texts.

To Kill a Mockingbird

  1. One of the Great Novels of the Twentieth Century

    This examines the messages and themes of the text, and sees the power of examining racism from the perspective of an innocent seeing the world for the first time. The style of Harper Lee is sweet, charming and persuasive in its wide eyed innocence. It is also important for the role it played in the civil rights movement, showing the cruelty of the gaps between white and black.

  2. Boring old book, difficult to understand for a 2003 teenager.

         This is to look at the well loved and oft taught novel from the perspective of reluctant and new readers. Where some will see charm, grace and power from the tale, new readers will have difficulties with :

  • a story from the perspective of a pre teen.
  • the language of a past generation in the United States.
  • a slow moving narrative.
  • a novel that assumes some knowledge of pre and post civil war America.

Little Brother

  1. An important struggle for survival in a tragic circumstance.
  2. This perspective examines the novel from the perspective of Cambodians who have survived the holocaust wreaked by the Khmer Rouge. Vithy represents their struggle and success. Again, from the perspective of an innocent child.

  3. A Worthy Book about a past event

This examines this novel from the perspective of a 2003 teenager. This novel is about:

  • A young boy walking a lot and meeting a couple of people.
  • A young boy from another culture who shows respect for elders.
  • There is a great amount of description and not much dialogue.

These place the novel into the area of those with some skill is understanding descriptions and able to relate that description to their own world a student capable of imaginative and abstract thought.

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