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Justice and Mercy
Websites Related to Immigration Issues


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Analysing How Websites Construct Meaning

In this activity, you are to look at each website and answer the following questions in your book or in a Word document:
    1.  What is the content of the website?
    2.  What are the standout features of the website?
    3.  What do you think the website is trying to tell you about the issue?  (ie. which side of the issue)
    4.  How does the design of the site help in making you reach this conclusion?

Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission

An English Refugees in the Media Project

Parliament of Australia Library

Amnesty International Refugee Page

Minister for Immigration's Page

ABC News Website

Federal Department for Immigration Illegal Immigration Home

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

An English Asylum Seeker Protection Group

This will be the location for web pages found by students that relate to the refugee issue.

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