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Surviving in the Future Future Planning
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Surviving in the Future Future Planning

This lesson is designed to have you preparing for your futures.  Follow this simple guide to planning a pathway for your future and achieving personal goals.

Future Planning


The characters in your novels are often challenged by the realities of the world and what they face in the future.


Exploring your own possible career goals and establishing a plan to achieve these goals may help you to create a better understanding of what the characters in your novels are up against.


Although achieving and deciding on your career goals may be difficult, people are most often happy and successful in their careers if the job relates to their own interests and the use of skills they already possess.



1.  Choose one (1) career from the list you have made in class that appeals most to you.

2.   Research it using the internet in order to answer the following questions in your books OR in a Word document.  You can write the questions down OR paste the questions from this page.

3.  When this is completed, write a paragraph in your work books or the Word document describing your career goal and your plans to achieve it.



1. What education do I need for this career? (high school, university, specialised training?)




2. What specific tasks will the job involve?




3. What specific skills would I need for my career?




4. How long will it take to reach my career goal?



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