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World War Two History Assessment Year 9
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This is the Year 9 History Assessment for Term 4. 
It asks students to write a speech about a famous person or event in World War 2.
It also asks students to write a learning log based on their research activities.

Your assessment is to consist of THREE elements.


1.      Speech                            Due Week 9

You are to deliver a 2 – 3 minute speech to the class about one of the following topics. 

v     The Fall of Singapore

v     Bombing of Darwin

v     Attack on Sydney

v     Aboriginal Australian Soldiers

v     US soldiers in Australia

v     Field Marshal Thomas Blamey



v     Kokoda Track

v     Changi POW Camp

v     Battle of the Coral Sea

v     General Douglas Macarthur

v     Role of Women in WW2

v     Life on the Homefront.


Please note, there is a limit of 3 students that are allowed to speak about any given topic.  This is to be negotiated with your teacher.

In this speech, you are to include the following elements:

     Details about the event or person.

     Their importance in the war.

     Their impact on Australia and its people.


2.      Learning Log (in an exercise book)      Due Week 10

As you are researching for your speech and writing the speech, you are compose a learning log, which outlines:

      Where you found your information.

      What you learnt from the information.

      How useful each source was, in terms of helping you understand the topic.

      How you went about writing your speech, especially dealing with the source material and the structure of your speech.


3.      Peer Assessment                         Due Week 7

      In the same book as your learning log, you are to write an assessment of 3 speeches by other students.  You are to assess:

-         The quality of information given in the speech

-         The quality of the speech.

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Australian War Memorial

Assessments can be emailed to:

Good Samaritan Catholic College