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Tragedy and Triumph
Tips and Advice


Tips and Advice

Tips on how to complete the assessment successfully.

1. Research

- Find two good recounts from tragedies ones that sound interesting. You may need to sort through many accounts to find the best ones. That way, you can write more about their similarities and differences, as well as having a good foundation for your story.

- Compare the features of the accounts. Then look for similarities and differences. In the assessment, it says style, tone, emotions. These can be summarised into two categories: tone and content.

Tone Related Questions

- Are they both written by angry people? Is one more angry than the other?
- What are their views on what has happened since? Are they happy with their lives, or unhappy?

Content : Subject Matter and Style Related Questions

- Are they just telling facts?
- Are describing the scene as well?
- Are they talking about their feelings?
- Are they describing the feelings of others?

2. Story

- It is important to find an interesting recount, because it will be easier to write a story about that persons life.
- Also, dont forget, this is JUST A CHAPTER. Its not the whole story.
- In your story, you may think about doing one these things:
- Write in detail about the actual tragedy, describing the events, describing feelings about the events. The triumph can be just to escape.
- Write about a new life, with some references to their tragedy.
- Write about the time between their escape from tragedy, and going somewhere new.
- Write about their return to their old home, and show the triumph in that.

Use of Original Material

You can use some of the actual survivor account (the one you found in your research) in your story. This would give your story a feeling that this is a real story. However, dont use too much of it. Yours is a new story, based on a real person and real story.

Good luck, and enjoy yourselves.

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