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Love and Transgression - Shakespeare Assessment
Nightstick Productions 1996 - Music and Set Choices


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Twelfth Night Nightstick Productions 1996


Act One Scene One

            Characters: Bryan The Duke Orsino, successful businessman, with Curio and Valentine, security guards.

            Set:  His expensive inner city apartment.

            Music:  Everything I Do, by Bryan Adams.


Act One Scene Two

           Characters:  Viola, daughter of a successful businessman from a rival company to Orsinos.  Ship Captain.

            Set:  A dock.


Act One Scene Three

           Characters:  Toby Belch, ex-comedian, ex-executive.  Andrew Aguecheek, son of a successful businessman.  Maria, chief maid to Olivia.

            Set:  Olivias lounge room.

Music:  Macarena, by Los Del Rios


Act One Scene Four

            Characters:  Orsino, Viola.

            Set:  As before             

Music:  If I Only Knew, by Tom Jones


Act One Scene Five

            Characters:  Olivia, head of a successful fashion magazine, Maria, Feste (local stand up comedian) and Malvolio, chief butler.

            Set:  Olivias fashionable and expensive inner city apartment.

            Music:  Thats What I Call Love, by Kate Ceberano.


Act Two Scene One

           Characters:  Sebastian, brother of Viola - businessman.

            Set:  On a street.


Act Two Scene Two

            Characters:  Malvolio, Viola

            Set:  On a street.

            Music:  Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner.


Act Two Scene Three

           Characters:  Toby, Andrew, Maria, Feste, Malvolio

            Set:  Olivias kitchen.

           Music:  Shake Your Groove Thing, by Peaches and Herb.


Act Two Scene Four

            Characters:  Orsino, Viola, Feste

            Set:  Orsinos lounge.

            Music:  She Never Told Her Love, by Joseph Haydn


Act Two Scene Five

           Characters:  Toby, Andrew, Maria, Fabian, Malvolio

            Set:  Rooftop Garden, Olivias building.

           Music:  Never Never Gonna Give You Up, by Barry White


Act Three Scene One, Two, Four, Act Four Scene One, Act Five

            Set:  Olivias garden.


Act Three Scene Three

            Characters:  Sebastian, Antonio.  Set:  Nightclub

            Music:  Absolutely Fabulous, Pet Shop Boys


Act Four Scene Two

            Set:  Abandoned Apartment

            Music:  Rite of Spring Introduction by Stravinsky.

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