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Tragedy and Triumph

Tips and Advice

Tragedy and Triumph (Little Brother) Assessment Task

The Survivor Story
You are to complete a survivor story in relation to a Tragedy that has occurred in history. This assignment has two parts.

1. Research

You are to find two survivor stories from two different tragedies (eg. September 11, Bali, The Holocaust). You are to prepare a one page (minimum) report outlining the following:

a. You are to summarise the material you read in point form.

b. You are to outline and discuss the differences and similarities between the two accounts in paragraph form. These should include tone (mood, emotions of writer) and subject matter (what they choose to write about and why).

2. The Story
You are to compose a chapter of a book about the life of one of the survivors you have read about. This story must include at least two of these elements:

a. The story of the tragedy and their survival.

b. His / her departure from the site of the tragedy.

c. Her / his move to another country.

d. Their new life in a new country.

e. A return to their old home.

It also MUST include a triumph (of any size, even a little triumph) in their new life.

It can be written as a set of diary entries, 1st person narrative, 3rd person narrative or a set of narrative poems.

It is to be a minimum of 2 A4 pages.

DUE DATE Monday, June 16, 2003

Outcomes Assessed: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.7, 2.1, 2.4, 7.2, 7.9, 8.2, 8.3.

Marking Criteria

-    Outstanding research and summary skills.

-  Outstanding ability to compare and contrast texts and analyse the differences and similarities.

- Outstanding ability in creating a fictional story from factual source material.

- Outstanding ability in writing a narrative that goes beyond a literal level.

- Good research and summary skills.

- Good ability to compare and contrast texts, with solid analysis of the differences and similarities.

-  Good ability in creating a fictional story from factual source material.

-  Good ability in writing a narrative that goes beyond a literal level.


- Research has been completed, and the summary tells too much or too little of the story.

- Comparison of sources with some analysis of the similarities and differences.

- The narrative repeats the factual material with some fictionalizing of material.

- The narrative has difficulty going beyond a literal level.


- Some research has been completed, with an insufficient summary.

- Comparison of just the similarities and differences of texts.

- The narrative repeats the factual material, or is completely fictional.

- The narrative is a literal retelling.

Not Shown

- No research has been completed

- No comparison of sources completed.

- No narrative has been submitted.

September 11 Survivor Stories

Bali Bombing Witnesses and Survivors

World War II Holocaust Survivors

Cambodian Holocaust

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