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Into the World - What's All That About?

Songs Going Into the World

Songs Going Into the World
Billy and Caitlin
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When using "Other Material" for the answering of HSC Questions, you should follow a checklist for the best choice of material and well as the best use of that material.  A Sample Checklist could be:
-  What is the song actually about.
-  Is someone going "Into the World" in this song?
-  If they are, what are they learning through the process of going "Into the World"?
-  Can this song be related to A Simple Gift?  Is there a parallel with a character, a concept, language, mood, an action?
-  Is this song delivering a positive or negative message about the transition?
-  Is there anything in the musical version that emphasises mood and the positive / negative message?

There are many songs that deal with "Into the World".  Here are links to some lyrics.

Sheryl Crow - A Change Will Do You Good

Sheryl Crow - Everyday Is A Winding Road

Christina Aguilera - Cruz

U2 - Walk On

Hoobastank - Escape

Crowded House - Everything is Good For You

Crowded House - Private Universe

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