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Into the World - What's All That About?

Billy and Caitlin

Songs Going Into the World
Billy and Caitlin
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The two lovers of A Simple Gift are Billy and Caitlin

Billy's World before A Simple Gift consisted of:
- pain
- poverty
- alcohol
- lack of security
- abuse
- loneliness
Why do we need to know this?
   In order to understand transition, we need to nominalise the states before and after the transition.  For Billy, his journey into the world is a leap with little risk.  He is a lonely, abused husk who felt that he needed to escape.

Caitlin's World before A Simple Gift consisted of:
-  Privilege
-  Money
-  Security
-  Private Schooling
-  No need to work
-  Ennui
  For Caitlin, it is the last state - ennui, that causes her to look for something else in life.  Before meeting Billy, she is directionless, her future being mapped out with little reference to Caitlin herself.  This is why she is open to the possibilities offered by Billy.  However, this also means that her leap into the new world is a big risk.

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